Thursday, September 12, 2013

Top 3 Content Slider Plugins for WordPress

Today, I would like to recommend you my experience on making Sliders. When I search for jQuery Slider I find three good qualified slider makers for jQuery image Content plugin for WordPress. Hi Slider Free Content Slider Plugins for WordPress, Looped Slider and Coin Slider.

Firstly I would prefer to introduce you the Coin Slider, it can be customized with CSS, for you to make auto slider with Images and free to use under the MIT license.

The Screenshot of Coin Slider:

Secondly, let’s talk about the Content Slider Plugins for WordPress of Hi Slider, it is the really awesome jQuery Slider maker that will give you much more transition effects more than your imagination, and the mixed-up using of multiple transition effects with different settings would let you feel a great feeling of individualization and flexibility of your design ability!

Besides, the reason for me to recommend the Hi Slider Free jQuery Content slider Plugin for WordPress is its fantastic templates and skins and I really aspect the developers, I only download this software for my own design, well, only two weeks downloading period, I find the added new templates and skins and also new transition effect that proves the company of Hi Slider has highly respected and noticed the requirements of users! We completely need such fresh things for life design of automatic play photo albums, for web designing of splendid banner, for product publicizing of wonderful showcase!
I don’t know how to entirely express my feelings of using such amazing jQuery Slider Maker! The design panel of Custom is a complementary design part of the software, after choosing the templates and picking skins, you can customize the functional effects and buttons, so many consideration, so much concerns you can feel from the design, it's a fully respect for all users!

YouTube Demo & Free Download

Thirdly, I would rather to mention the Looped Slider, this is the first jQuery slider maker I have tried. Exactly not bad that’s the reason why I would put this in the Top 3 Content Slider Plugins for WordPress. The Looped Slider with slideshow plug-in for jQuery (1.7.1+) with features like touch and CSS3 transitions.

The Screenshot of Looped Slider:

All above are personal viewpoint, hope to help anyone who are interested in jQuery Slideshow!